Bikes that make a difference

Coming soon

Green comfort

Bamboo is a sustainable an fastgrowing material that combines both stiffness and shockabsorbtion, making it an excellent material for building road bikes.


Each bike will be handbuild by skilled Zambian craftsmen. This together with the natural materials and your geometry will guarantee you that you will ride a high quality unique bike.


Comfort is king! Each bike will be build according to your specific geometry after a bike-fit at one of our partnering bikefitters to make sure you experience optimal comfort from both material and geometry.

Work in progress

At this moment HT&C and Zambikes are setting up the line of custom road bikes after summer. Please come back to our website or leave a message on our contact page, so we can keep you updated with the introduction.

About Us

Zambikes is a social enterprise located in Lusaka that produces Zambulances, Zamcarts and steel bicycles for the Zambian market. In 2009 they introduced the Bamboo bicycles and since then more that thousand bikes have been manufactured for customers around the globe.

HT&C is the company of Marc van der Heide. A dutch entrepeneur and cyclist. After a few visits to Zambia and Zambikes he got enthousiastic about the bikes they build for him and looking into the posibility to further personalize the bicycles and introduce a line of custom made Bamboo bicycles.

Together HT&C and Zambikes want to provide the Benelux with a bicycle that is:

  • Custom build
  • Comfortable
  • Sustainable
  • Unique

Making a difference

  • Unique by nature

    Each bike will be different. The materials, geometry, personalization  and craftmenship will guarantee that you will own a unique bicycle.

  • Local employment

    Each bicycle will provide 5 staffmembers with work.

  • Sustainability

    Zambikes bamboo frames are a sustainable alternative for commonly used materials.